The Voices of Boys (Research Projects 2016)

Laura Ambrogi (Lower School): Motivating Writers

Your students are happy to discuss the books they read, but writing about it is often a very different story. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to convert reluctant writers into boys who describe writing as ‘fun’? Find out about a powerful approach to reading responses that can lead your students to want to pick up that pencil and share their thoughts.

Sarah Hubard (Lower School):  Building Stories, Building Confidence  

Many 3rd grade boys would not describe themselves as writers, but they are quick to identify themselves as builders!  Come hear about the connection between the two identities in “Building Stories, Building Confidence”.

Rich Morton (Lower School): Doing the Math in PE

 Does incorporating math into Physical Education change how 3rd grade boys view math? This is the question I examined and will be discussing. 

Nick Brata (Middle School): Learning New Music

 What is the most effective way to teach new choral music to middle school students?  Come find out about the variety of methods I use to teach my choirs new music.

Alex Knight (Middle School): Writing Jams  

What the heck is a “writing jam” and how can it help English students grow as writers, collaborators, thinkers and creators? Hear about this writing exercise I have been using for over 20 years, and watch me deconstruct and then reconstruct its relevance in my classroom.

Derek Porter (Middle School):  Boys and Human Dignity

The passage into middle school is a rite of passage. 6th grade is a transitional benchmark in the life of any St. Christopher’s boy.  In Global Thinking, we have a unit on Human Rights, and I hope for it to be more effective by developing the voice of advocacy in these boys.  Does making Public Service Announcements help boys understand the value of human dignity?

Stuart Ferguson (Upper School): Students as Self-Advocates

If there is one thing I would like each St. Christopher’s student to be upon graduation day, it is a  student who takes ownership of his own education.  Over the past semester, I have worked closely with a few 9th grade boys to see how my relationship with them affected their self-advocacy skills.  Here at St. Christopher’s we talk a lot about relational teaching.  Sign up to hear a few stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly of my attempts to help 9th grade boys become better communicators!

Jay Wood (Upper School): Goal-Setting and Reflection

For approximately twenty years the members of the Varsity Soccer Team have engaged in various exercises related to individual and team goal-setting.  Over the past several years, we have become more intentional about the vocabulary we use and the exercises we conduct.  In 2015 I formalized the work further—for the dual purposes of directing my Action Research Project and for improving the students’ experiences and outcomes.  My Action Research Question is this: “What is the impact of Frequent Reflection on the Goal-Setting Process for STC Varsity Soccer Players?”


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