St. Christopher’s faculty are undertaking Action Research projects to further the understanding of best practices for boys. The boys themselves play a vital role in the process by providing feedback on their experiences.

Year Two Theme

Action research is research driven by one teacher in his classroom investigating a component of his practice he wants to grow.  The essential skill of collaboration is incorporated into all parts of of the curriculum; however, research indicates that boys often do not work particularly well in groups and may lack the necessary skills to do so.  This study will test methods of teaching boys to recognize, respect, and maximize the different personalities and approaches to learning within a group in order to create engaging and innovative learning experiences. The goal is to find solidarity in Collaboration and the Power of Successful Learning Groups.


Meet the 2016-2017 Saints Action Research Team


Year Two Theme: Collaboration and the Power of Successful Learning Groups Amy Burlein (Second Grade Teacher): Collaboration, Choice, and a Love of Reading: As the parent of a second grade boy who only read because he had to, I wanted to try a different take on DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time in an attempt… Read more

Relational Teaching with Lower School Boys: What Works for Teachers, Boys, and Parents

We have identified what works for boys in grades 6-12, but how are these findings similar or different for younger boys? From 2014-2016, St. Christopher’s participated in a research cohort of four primary schools in the United States, Canada, and Australia to tackle this question.  Through parent surveys and focus groups, teacher surveys and interviews,… Read more

The Voices of Boys (Research Projects 2016)

Laura Ambrogi (Lower School): Motivating Writers Your students are happy to discuss the books they read, but writing about it is often a very different story. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to convert reluctant writers into boys who describe writing as ‘fun’? Find out about a powerful approach to reading responses that… Read more