Saints Action Research 2017-2018 Boys and Adaptability in a Changing World

The 2017-18 Saints Action Research theme focused on Boys and Adaptability in a Changing World. Adaptable people possess a capacity to respond to uncertainty, change, and novelty, often with a positive attitude. They are further characterized by their creativity, resilience, and flexibility. In a competitive, high-achieving learning environment, our boys face many pressures, often dedicating time outside of school for extra tutors and coaches in an attempt to improve academic or athletic performance. There is little time left for the development of skills that foster adaptability. This year’s research projects prompted teachers to incorporate concepts such as mindfulness and reflection, academic resilience, curiosity, and creative and flexible thinking into lessons in order to qualitatively measure how these skills affected adaptability in our boys. 

Meet the 2017-2018 Saints Action Research Team 


Leslie Long (Middle School and Upper School Band Director and Music Teacher)

Orchestrating Interest in Mundane Tasks: What is the effect of gamifying instrument practice on the self-motivation and musical curiosity of middle school boys?


Carey Pohanka (Upper School Instructional Technologist and Middle School French Teacher)

Boys and Online Learning: How might a community of support help Upper School boys adapt to an online learning environment?


Joe Torrence (Lower School Chaplain)

Baby Jesus and ESPN – A new take on the birth story of Jesus: How might 5th grade boys’ engagement with varying historical perspectives of the birth of Jesus promote deeper connection with Biblical text?


Elsa Woodaman (Upper School French Teacher and Director of X-Term)

Students Practice Controlled Chaos in the World Language Class: How might participating in a student-directed collaborative project in an upper level language class foster authentic language use?

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