Problem Solving with the 1970’s Rubik’s Cube

Do you remember the Rubik’s Cube from the 1970’s?  After teaching third grade for eleven years at St. Christopher’s, it became apparent that many of my boys needed to move their hands and fingers at all times.  After many discussions about problem solving being at the forefront of the Second Century Vision, it dawned on me that the Rubik’s Cube could provide countless opportunities.



At the beginning of the year, each boy in my homeroom was given a Rubik’s Cube at his desk. The boys were ecstatic!  They rallied behind each other and positive energy was flowing.  One Monday in February, one of my boys burst through the door elated that he had figured out the formula to solving the Rubik’s Cube. With that, he produced shorthand notes he had copied after spending hours watching the Rubik’s website over the weekend.  Not only did the boys execute determination and problem-solving, they shared in others’ accomplishments.  Teaching these third grade boys is a true joy as they consistently rise to the occasion and encourage one another.  Please enjoy the videos as the two boys solve the Rubik’s Pyramid and the Rubik’s Cube in minutes.  

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  • Dorothy Suskind says:

    Margaret- We are so incredibly grateful to have you as our son’s teacher. You have inspired his creativity and built his problem solving skills. He sat for hours each night attempting to solve the Rubik’s Cube and was over the moon excited when he accomplished the task. Thank you!

  • Sarah says:

    Such a great idea, Margaret! What a great way to build teamwork and problem solving skills among your boys! Love the pictures and videos!