Charlie Luck ’79 on Andrew “Jack” Bolling’s mentoring of St. Christopher’s boys

Mr. Charlie Luck ’79 spoke to Upper School boys  about former St. Christopher’s faculty member Andrew Jackson “Jack” Bolling in chapel on Wednesday, September 20. Charlie wanted to make sure the current student body, who are too young to have known Mr. Bolling as high school students before his passing in April of 2015, knew of the impact Mr. Bolling had on the boys and the important legacy he left behind.

As Charlie discusses in his talk, Mr. Bolling’s goal was to develop boys into young men of character. Mr. Bolling, or “A.J.” as many knew him, did three things that made him effective to that end. First, he was available. He made it easy to find him–whether you found him in the cafeteria (where he sat exclusively with boys) or in Chamberlayne Hall, he was present. Second, Mr. Bolling met students where they were. He immediately adjusted to boys’ ways of thinking, rather than expecting the boys to see from his perspective. Third, he asked questions–starting with small ones like “how are you,” and, over time, building trust with boys to help them wrestle with some of the tougher questions they faced in high school.

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