I am currently in my eleventh year teaching at St. Christopher’s School. I never imagined myself working at a school for all boys, but now I can’t imagine being anywhere else. For those who are not familiar with what it is like to work with adolescent boys, let me illustrate it for you with a… Read more

Encore screening of The Mask You Live In

Sunday, January 31 at 4pm in the 2010 Cafe. It is free and open to the public. In addition, we will host parent “Coffee and Conversation” sessions about the film on Thursday, February 4 at 8:15am and 6pm, both in the 2010 Cafe. No RSVP is needed for these events.

Who Determines the Success of a Lesson?

Last October 2014, my colleague Dr. Dorothy Suskind approached the fifth grade team with an amazing idea: to have the boys create catapults from common materials such as popsicle sticks, paper towel rolls, tape, and other recyclable items to launch a candy corn.  The boys would then compete to see which catapult launched the candy… Read more

The Power Of Story

For a number of years I had all my journalism students write an essay that opens with “This I believe” based on the 1950s radio series with the same name where people read something they’ve written about the core values that guide their daily lives. Students’ stories ran the gamut from this I believe in… Read more

The Mask I Live In

The worst part about crying is after you’re done. I remember it was a Thursday afternoon and my day was going terribly. I had a bunch of work due, I was having relationship problems and my aunt’s cancer was taking a toll on her. I felt like I had the weight of the world on… Read more

“The Mask You Live In” free film screening

St. Christopher’s School’s Center for the Study of Boys presents a free screening of the documentary film, The Mask You Live In. Sunday, November 1 | 1-3 pm Westhampton Theater 5706 Grove Avenue Click HERE to register for the event. Though it is free, you have to reserve a spot to attend. The Mask You… Read more

“Journeys to Manhood” speaker series with Joe Ehermann

“Journeys to Manhood” Speaker Series  with Joe Ehrmann.  Joe is featured in the film, The Mask You Live In , and joined us to discuss how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men. Photos from the event: About Joe Ehrmann: Joe is featured in the film, The Mask You Live… Read more

B.U.I.L.D.ing Boys

As an educator, I am passionate about a variety of topics.  One component that has been a common thread in my teaching is that I have always encouraged the use of creativity, technology, and problem solving in the classroom. A program that is part of St. Christopher’s Second Century Vision is B.U.I.L.D. “Boys Using Innovation… Read more

The School Pill

I dreaded going to school as a kid. I had much more fun riding my bike, hanging with my buddies, and watching TV. Alice Cooper’s School’s Out spoke to me in a visceral way. In fact, as I made my way toward middle school, I despised the concept of classwork, studying, and test taking even… Read more

If You’re Excited About School, Clap Your Hands!

In April 2014, Dave Menges called and offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: to join the first grade team at St. Christopher’s.  I was elated!  But then the nerves kicked in, and I began to wonder what I would do with a classroom full of boys and no girls to temper the testosterone.  I… Read more