A Letter from Carrington Lanier

As a lifetime student at St. Christopher’s, I have come to enjoy most aspects of the school.  The strict dress code and 8 am start time can be easily overlooked once you weigh in the good things.  From senior lunch privileges to free periods to the self-serve soft-serve, there is far more to enjoy.  When I really consider the things I enjoy most, the open campus and athletic complex are insignificant compared to the relationships students have with their teachers.

For as long as I have attended, I’ve taken note of how close the teachers and students are.  Hearing stories from my siblings opened my eyes to this difference; at their public schools they can’t relate to my experience.  If there were too many students here, the relationships could never exist they way that they do.  I have always considered some of my teachers as the most loved and trusted people in my life.

So, details.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say the teachers here at St. Christopher’s care about every student genuinely.  This ultimate goal means that they will help students in any way they can.  I have sought life advice via text message with a wrestling coach, and performed odd jobs working for teachers, past and current.  The trust lasts after school as well, students stop by to see old teachers when they are in town and tell them what’s gone on since they left.  This special type of relationship is something I will always cherish and be thankful for.

—Carrington Lanier, Class of 2015

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  • Lewis Miller says:

    Happy to see the Center is in operation.
    The web site is very good.

  • Margaret Hunter says:

    Wow! You have made your Kindergarten teacher proud!

  • Annette McCabe says:

    What you’re a Senior? I’m going to miss you. . . .”The Nurse”

  • Margaret Meyers says:

    You are definitely missed Carrington, but never forgotten in our third grade classroom. The picture you drew for me and your class photo are still on my wall behind my desk. I am more proud of you than you will ever know. Keep up the great work!