Meet the 2016-2017 Saints Action Research Team

Amy Burlein (Second Grade Teacher):

Collaboration, Choice, and a Love of Reading: As the parent of a second grade boy who only read because he had to, I wanted to try a different take on DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time in an attempt to motivate and excite my more reluctant readers. I pondered what I could do to bring intentionality to our independent reading time while still allowing for choice and exploration of books. Could collaboration be the key? 

Laura Partee (Kindergarten Co-Teacher):

Building Community. What if simple art projects could build friendships and a sense of classroom community in our youngest students?  What if integrated in those projects were tools our boys can use to offer positive messages to each other, thereby creating a friendly dialogue? 

Laura Lanois (Academic Resource Teacher):

A Team Effort: Creating a Mindfulness Proposal. With the hectic overload of technology and external stressors, who would not benefit from a taste of Mindfulness in their daily life? 

Jon Piper (Middle School History)

Collaboration and Conflict Management. Sixth grade boys come into Middle School with a lot to figure out.  Stress, frustration, and pressure to succeed often lead to conflicts with peers. Nowhere are these struggles more evident than in their first collaborative assignments.  My research project prompted boys to learn their personality types and conflict management styles prior to a group project. 

Austin Sutten (Upper School Science)

MOVING Boys Towards Collaboration. Collaboration in large group problem solving scenarios is often a daunting and seemingly insurmountable challenge for boys. Experiential education uses established methodologies that are especially well suited for boys to promote collaboration in large group settings. 

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